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PULL Brand Innovation Strategic Workshops

by Thomson Dawson

in Brand Strategy, Marketing Communications

PULL Brand Innovation offers a series of one and two-day, issue-based brand strategy workshops designed to help marketing teams in emerging growth companies gain greater clarity and confidence in their strategic and creative decision making.

Our brand strategy workshops are focused on issues of brand positioning, brand architecture and brand storytelling when marketers are inventing new businesses, creating new brands and positioning brands for their next level of growth. 

Two-Day Brand Positiong Workshop

This issue-based workshop enables marketing and brand management teams to come together in a creative environment to align stakeholders around a brand strategy and positioning that defines the brand’s target customer segment, desired brand positioning, brand promise, essence and delivery in the markets the brand will compete.

There are four key areas of focus workshop participants will gain consensus on to build their strategic roadmap for brand growth and success:

To whom you market
You can only create successful products or solutions when you know who the most fervent buyers will be. It is critical to understand as much as you can about the core target customer segment to whom the brand is intended to appeal.

Why they buy
Grabbing the largest share of those customers’ wallets requires a complete understanding on what drives the target consumer to products / brands in your space. Defining the context that will give the brand unquestioned relevance to the target consumer against their illuminating needs, motivations, attitudes, and preferences is essential for brand building success.

What makes your brand highly valued and difficult to substitute
To drive purchase behavior, the brand needs to represent a compelling and highly emotional benefit to the target customer.  This benefit must be relevant, differentiating and believable. How well you position your products/services will determine whether your brand will make it into the hearts and minds of the target customer and dominate their spending patterns.

How the brand competes
Your brand equity or the health of your brand is a culmination of every experience customers have with your brand. These associations, attitudes and perceptions determine whether the brand will have loyal advocates who will be the first to try new products and extensions, or become vocal detractors sharing their views with their online social network.

This workshop has been designed for brand management teams growing brands with annual sales revenues of $50 million+ or an annual marketing budget of $5 million+.

Download the Two-Day Positioning Workshop Overview


The Brand Storytelling Workshop

This is a one-day-issue-based intensive workshop designed to guide marketing communications decision-makers and their teams to better define and express a compelling brand story that informs and guides the verbal and visual development of brand communications at all touch points.

The power of brands lies in their unique story. How that story is told verbally and visually is critical to the invention or transformation of an enduring brand. Working from your brand’s current positioning in the marketplace, participants will spend an intensive full day in a strategic and creative jam session building a compelling brand story from these key components:

• Defining the attributes of the key audiences segments your brand story is targeted to and why the story of your brand matters to them.

* Defining the verbal and visual cues that identify your brand archetype and forms the foundation of your brand’s story.

* Defining the personality, tone & manner in which your brand communicates with customers, employees, partners and diverse audiences.

* Defining brand messaging guidelines that distill the essence of your brand story into a framework that supports your marketing communication initiatives.

Download the Brand Storytelling Overview


Creating Bigger Futures for Start-ups and Emerging Brands

Startup and emerging brands face many difficult challenges getting off the ground. For many business teams assessing their priorities, product development and the seed money to grow are their primary concerns. Few are thinking much about the critical importance of brand building.

For CEOs and marketing decision-makers leading funded startups and emerging companies, brand building needs to be as important to early business success as product development and raising money. Brands represent the foundation of financial equity. You can have the most innovative, groundbreaking product ever conceived, but if you can’t create a strong foundation for communicating that value to investors, stakeholders and the marketplace, chances are, the business venture won’t go far. The marketplace is unforgiving.

This one-day intensive workshop has been designed to help CEOs and their marketing teams in funded startup and emerging companies gain more clarity and confidence in the strategic and creative decisions that effect their influence and success in the marketplace.

Download the Brand Strategy For Startup and Emerging Brands Overview

Who attends our strategic workshops?

Our strategic brand consulting workshops are attended by CEOs, CMOs, Brand Managers, Marketing Communications Executives, Advertising Agency Partners, Product Development and Sales Management teams. Our clients have included global companies inventing new brands to venture-funded startups building the early foundations of their brand’s value. We have worked with client teams in diverse product and industry categories including consumer products, business products and services, government agencies, medical device, technology and healthcare. The workshops are facilitated by Senior Brand Strategists with decades of experience in brand marketing, consumer insight, brand management and creative brand development.

Workshop Deliverables and Investment

All our workshop programs include a pre assessment of the strategic issues facing the client and appropriate workshop planning, workshop facilitation, and preparation of an Executive Summary that documents the decisions and hypothesis discussed in the workshop session. The Executive Summary is designed as a communications tool to inform and guide future marketing initiaitves and program implementation.

Two-Day Brand Positioning Workshop:  $15,000 USD and travel expenses
Brand Storytelling Workshop:  $10,000 USD and travel expenses
Brand Strategy Workshop For Startup and Emerging Brands:  $10,000 USD and travel expenses

For booking information, email Thomson Dawson.