Case Study: Sprigeo Brand Development


Bullying has become a dominant issue in many people’s minds with devastating consequences. With media coverage in full swing, we worked quietly with a small team of dedicated entrepreneurs whose mission it is to eliminate bullying all together! 



Sprigeo is an online resource tool for middle school kids, their parents and school administrators to report and respond to incidents of bullying in schools and playgrounds all across America.

Srigeo is the brainchild of noted author, professor, education consultant and thought leader Joe Bruzzese. Joe is a leading authority on the middle school years. His consulting firm, Thinking Forward, works with kids, parents, middle school principals and administrators, to make middle school education an enriching experience for everyone. And if you’re a parent of a middle school age kid, you know how challenging those years can be.

Bullying is a behavioral disease in our schools–particularly in middle school. When it came time to think hard about how best to position and build an identity around this innovative online reporting system, Joe and his team asked PULL for strategic and creative guidance to help them launch this innovative product. We were eager to play a role in a project that will really make a difference for people! It all started with a funny name.

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Srrigeo Brand Development


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Sprigeo sure is a funny name.
Joe and his team originally coined the name “sprigeo”. In the beginning. they were not completely confident about this name and asked our advice. Naturally when you see a perfect solution before you, you don’t question the good fortune of an intriguing and memorable coined name like Sprigeo. A larger organization with the money to spend would have focused-grouped this to death. We advised against wasting time and their money on that kind of research.

What we were most fascinated with was how could we build a compelling meaning into this abstract name that would deeply resonate with the main audience–12 year old kids who would be courageous enough to anonymously report incidents of bullying at their school by using the Srigeo reporting website. The brand’s visual identity and core messaging you see displayed here is the result of our collaboration.

Simple, quirky, non-threatening but serious, Sprigeo’s positioning of “be safe” became the mantra for designing the entire brand identity system.

The “sprigeo guy” was designed to be an important visual element for creating a safety character kids could relate to in ways that would enhance their belief that Sprigeo is a safe venue looking out for them. And in many cases, Sprigeo would be the only lifeline many kids would have to help them feel safer at school. With our client’s permission, we are delighted to introduce you to Sprigeo, and what we believe will have a profound and positive effect on shifting the behaviors of kids all across America, making school a much safer place for everyone.

“Working with Thomson and the PULL team gave us a strategic plan I could get myself behind! Thomson’s true genius creates a uniquely engaging and truly personal experience. His insight and gift for facilitating our conversations that lead to brand clarity, elevated our business forward and gave us credibility to school administrators and parents from day one.”

Joe Bruzzese
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Sprigeo, Inc. Educational Products