Case Study: JamuLife Brand Development


We collaborated with this start-up marketer to create a new dietary supplement brand revealing a 1000-year-old secret for health and beauty from Java for US consumers.

Two successful entrepreneurs in specialty health food retailing had the big idea of creating a line of health and beauty products based on ancient herbal formulas and remedies from Java.

These products are known throughout Indonesia simply as “jamu”. With limited resources for marketing, they asked us to help them create a unique brand from scratch, and develop a compelling value proposition targeted to specialty food and dietary supplement distributors  and health stores in the US and Canada.

Like most start-ups, the biggest challenge is always money for marketing. Add to that the competitive nature of the specialty health food category in the retail channel, these creative entrepreneurs recognized they had one shot to build a brand story that was uniquely positioned and differentiated from a variety of competitive products. They were committed to building a strong brand right form the start!

We began our collaboration by learned everything we could about the restorative powers of all the herbal formulas that comprise what is known as “jamu”. We learned consumers who regularly shop in independent health food stores have prior knowledge about alternative remedies for health and well being, and they are open-minded when learning about new methods and products they believe will add value to their lives. We recommended that marketing and communications target this influential consumer segment.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Vitimans and Dietary Supplements

JavaJamu LLC
JamuLife Strategic Brand Development
Retail Presence, Packaging and Point of Sale





Jamu has a well-documented thousand-year tradition of enhancing a sense of well being. We crafted the value proposition and the brand positioning as “revealing a 1000 year-old secret for health and beauty” as a means to experience optimum health aligned to the busy lifestyles of active and health aware women consumers.

Working with the client partners, we developed the trade name, designed the brand identity, taglines, brand voice and trade dress for all retail packaging, point of sale displays, sales sheets for individual products, brand guidelines for developing retail packaging, and brand messaging. We identified likely brand extension opportunities in different product categories for future brand growth; such as energy food bars, energy drinks and skin care products. These concepts were developed and presented in a pitch document to support sales presentations to potential distributors who service independent retailers of these products.

Business Outcome
The company was successful securing distribution agreements enabling the launch of the first generation JamuLife dietary supplement product line to independent health food retailers in several major cities in the US. For our client, it marked the beginning of their business journey. For us, it’s all in a day’s work.