Case Story: Icon Footwear Brand Development


We collaborated with this early stage couture footwear brand to rejuvenate its brand positioning and visual expression for greater US market penetration in leading department stores.

Icon Footwear is a couture manufacturer and marketer of printed leather woman’s footwear, handbags and accessories. Icon products were primarily sold through small fashion boutiques and specialty apparel retailers in the US.

The brand had experienced early marketing success when introduced, but the product designs were not resonating with a younger target consumer. The brand required a complete rejuvenation and transformation.

The brand owners desired to expand the business by developing new product designs that appealed to a younger, more fashion conscious consumer, and to increase their opportunities to penetrate major department store distribution in stores like Nordstrom’s and Macy’s. The new product designs offered women consumers more stylish designs presented in fresh, colorful and artful printed leather patterns of contemporary and master paintings and prints. These footwear designs afforded consumers an opportunity to express their individuality in a spirited, lighthearted way.

Through qualitative exploratory with younger women consumers, we learned the Icon women highly-valued practical, comfortable and wearable footwear, but also appealed to her playful, individualist, expressive, non-conformist nature. The brand new positioning was based on the idea of “everyday originality”. The brand  mantra of “step lively” became a call to action for the Icon consumer to explore and express her individuality and leave an indelible impression on those around her. The Icon women valued practical comfort without sacrificing stylish, everyday originality.

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Icon Footwear
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To bring this strategic brand positioning to life for retail buyers and consumers alike, PULL’s brand design and creative team developed a comprehensive brand messaging platform, creative direction and guidance for the development of a new brand identity, trademark, brand guidelines, retail packaging, merchandising elements, collateral sales materials and an ecommerce consumer web site.